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Addressing Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome With Endoscopic Denervation

The sacroiliac joint (called the SI joint) is the connection point between the spine and the pelvis. These joints are located on each side of the spine and attached to the sacrum. Sacroiliac joint syndrome occurs when the sacroiliac ligaments are damaged or torn due to age, strain, an accident, or hypermobility in the ligamentous structures. This syndrome is difficult to distinguish from other types of low back pain, making a diagnosis of sacroiliac joint syndrome very difficult.

Common Symptoms of Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome

  • Chronic lower back pain
  • Radiating pain from the lower back to the buttocks
  • Radiating pain from the upper thighs to the knees
  • Pain when bending forward
  • Difficulty sitting in one place for extended periods of time
  • Tenderness of the posterior aspect of the sacroiliac joint

How Endoscopic Denervation Can Reduce Pain

If conservative treatment options do not reduce pain, endoscopic blocking of the nerves can be an effective method for sacroiliac joint syndrome. During an endoscopic denervation procedure, a small incision is made through which an endoscope is inserted and guided to the sacroiliac joint. There is minimal damage as the surrounding tissue is carefully moved aside. Through the use of a miniature camera on the endoscope, a radiofrequency probe is used to block the nerve fibers that are transmitting pain signals to the brain. When the procedure is complete, the small incision is closed with a small bandage and the patient is able to return home later that day.

Although sacroiliac joint syndrome can be complex and difficult to diagnose, it can be more difficult to live with constant pain. The team at Minnesota Spine Institute is ready to listen. It is our mission to help patients regain their lives through advanced surgical solutions. Schedule an MRI consultation today and explore your pain-relief options.

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